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Tribute to Chicago

Last night as I was going through my computer looking at all of my old resumes and files, I came across something I had written after visiting Chicago and being blasted on Twitter by a big digital ad man for sending him a resume, as if I was unworthy of his time. I probably was, but hey – shoot me for trying, right? This industry is all about “go big or go home,” as I’ve been told on multiple occasions.

But after being rejected by many of his kind last October, I started pondering what I was doing wrong, and then Pinball Wizard by the Who played on Pandora.

And my genius showed, for all of three minutes. As embarrassed as I am to show this, I think it should go down in history as one of those few moments where I was inspired to write something positive even in the worst of circumstances.

Pinball Wizard Parody

Ever since I was a young girl,
I’ve bounced thoughts off the wall.
From New York down to NC
I thought I’d seen it all.
But I ain’t seen nothing like it when I saw it last fall.
That city Chicago has my name on every wall.

It stands like a statue
Remembered for its Bean.
Decorated with ingenuity
Begging for a scene.
An ad man’s intuition
Shines through the snowfall.
As I await his one personal phone call.

He’s an ad CD, there has to be a twist
A way to be noticed without being dismissed.
How do you think they do it?
I don’t know.
What makes them so good?

Ain’t got art direction
Can’t draw or paint, just spell.
Don’t see in pretty colors
Just in words that sell.
A fan of wordplay, giving it her all
This girl strives to learn from the best of them all.

Even though my chances are slim
I just handed my resume to him.

Even on a good day
He can beat my best.
His disciples lead him in
And he just does the rest.
He got crazy persuasion skills
He always stands up tall
Portfolio in hand, I’m ready to play hardball.


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I find that honesty and communication are the key things to making life run a smooth course. Oh, and having a little fun!

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